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Training & Development

We offer high-quality training interventions, OD and HR consultation, 
as well as individualised coaching and counselling services. 

“We strive to enable organisations and individuals to become better versions of themselves”

About our training

Our skills development interventions

About our training and skills development interventions

How we assist you with your skills development and training requirements
  • The Skills at Work team is dedicated to meeting your training and skills development needs by providing top-notch training programs and interventions.
  • We take pride in providing customised, thought-provoking and enthusiastic experiences across a large variety of topics, both locally and globally.
  • We meet you where you are – in person or online.  You name the venue or the platform.
  • Ask us about Assessments, Coaching and Counselling.
Training & speaking

We facilitate a large variety of training interventions.

Business coaching

Focused, one-on-one sessions to bring out the best in individual performance. This includes assessing individual strengths and development areas.


Organisational Development and Human Resources solutions to meet your needs.

Counselling &

Qualified counsellors can assist you in your healing or coping journey to deal with life’s challenges.

Assessments & brain profiling

Using various friendly assessment tools, we provide valuable feedback on potential, thinking processes and communication processes . Suitable for career decisions, dealing with team and interpersonal conflict and self-insight.

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He who looks outside, dreams,
He who looks inside, awakes
- Carl Jung

Counselling & therapy

By empowering our clients to reframe how they see themselves, we also “stubbornly refuse to buy into their sense of worthlessness”.

A qualified counsellor who maintains confidentiality and respect will guide you on your journey to healing.

Book your free 15 minute consultation with Marjon Meyer below:

Some of our clients

Our portfolio of training

Workshops, seminars & team interventions

Our portfolio of training workshops, seminars and team interventions

  • Our online work portfolio includes online coaching, facilitation, presenting of webinars and producing pre-recorded training sessions.
  • Face-to-face services are in demand for training, strategic sessions, chairing conferences, customisation and implementation of Management and Leadership training, Team Building strategies, coaching, development work and motivational talks.
  • We have comprehensive and well-researched training programmes available.
  • Customising programmes to suit the needs of your team and organisation is advisable.
  • We assess individuals and teams where required to fine-tune training and development solutions.

About our facilitated courses

Our courses include Management & Leadership, Human Resources Management programmes, Conflict Management, Business Writing, Customer Service, Time Management, Skills for PAs, Emotional Intelligence, Diversity Management, Strategic Thinking, Creative Problem Solving and many more. 

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Start your training journey

082 883 2425 | 082 894 5827
Sean@skillswork.co.za | marjon@marjonmeyer.co.za

Meet our team

 We work with a diverse team of well-qualified professionals

Marjon Meyer

Industrial Sociologist and
Principal consultant

Cor Faling

Chartered Governance

Sean Woolnough

Training Consultant and
Operations Manager

Ettian Raubenheimer

Legal Expert

Rodney V Nwamba

Facilitator and

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