About Sean Woolnough

Sean Woolnough has been intimately involved in training and development for the past 20+ years. The experience he
gained in Management, Sales, Customer Service, Relationship management, Retail and the Sports Industry has provided a platform for him to coach, train and advise many organisations, management teams and individuals.¬

He started his journey studying teaching at the Johannesburg College of Education, early displaying an interest in human relationships, sport and optimising his talent for transferring knowledge to others. He later chose to further his career in the sport and retail industry. Sean held positions in Sales, Client Relationship Management and General Management. He consults on HR matters and OD challenges to various organisations.

Training facilitator

Sean is the ideal facilitator to train delegates in Management and Leadership Skills, Emotional Intelligence, Sales, Customer Relationship Management, Confidence and Assertiveness, Business English; and more. He succeeds admirably to pass on his enthusiasm and skills to his delegates. He skilfully connects with delegates from all walks of life and is able to transform training sessions into valuable learning opportunities.

Sean engages with a global audience through online workshops, enriching his insights into professional practices in Africa and beyond. He crafts robust training content by staying updated on training and managerial trends. Alongside counseling those facing trauma and challenges, he writes two blogs.¬

Committed to growth, he’s pursuing further studies in Counseling at SATS.¬† Sean has completed his Assessor training, thus ensuring relevant training. As an endurance athlete and cyclist, Sean’s resilience from races like Comrades and Freedom Challenge influences his coaching as “Coach Wool.”¬

Reach out to¬|+27 82 894 5827.

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