About Ettian Raubenheimer

Raubenheimer is currently practicing Advocate of the High Court of South Africa since 2006, focusing on commercial, corporate, contractual, and human rights matters, chairing inquiries and administrative boards, mediations, and arbitrations. He is qualified in the following areas: MBA, LLM, LLB, BLC, Diploma in Tax Practice, and Diploma in Police Administration. Raubenheimer also has extensive experience in alternative dispute resolution modes, especially in mediation and arbitration.  

Raubenheimer has international exposure which involves the development of contractual frameworks for telecommunications and commodities operations as well as compiling peace and reconciliation frameworks for regional governments. He is involved in the restructuring of board functioning, corporate governance, director induction, and creation of governance frameworks for various companies. Raubenheimer is a member of Executive Management Teams of various companies and training institutions.¬

Raubenheimer has comprehensive training experience, including the development and implementation of internationally benchmarked curricula, lecturing at tertiary level in Commercial, Mercantile, and Tax Law, and corporate training as a facilitator and accredited assessor and moderator. He previously practiced as an Attorney and Notary and was a commissioned senior officer in law enforcement. He was also appointed to the Disciplinary Committee of the Independent Regulatory Board for Auditors and the Tax Board.¬

Ettian Raubenheimer is a member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, Association of Arbitrators (Southern Africa), Mediation in Motion, Institute of Directors, Institute for Commercial Forensic Practitioners, Directors Association

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