About Marjon Meyer

Marjon Meyer is an Industrial Sociologist and a Human Capital Development Consultant. She is an experienced, energetic and enthusiastic facilitator of various training programmes. 

Embracing the new world of work, she performs face-to-face and online coaching facilitation, presenting of webinars, conferences, training programmes and producing pre-recorded training sessions.

She is in demand for development and management of training interventions, strategic sessions, chairing conferences, consultation and implementation of Management and Leadership training, building strategies, coaching, development work and motivational talks.

Co-founder of Skills@Work

She has international experience dealing with organisations in most industries including Mining, Gas and Oil, Fabrication, Banking, Service industries and various other clients. Specific details of clients can be provided upon request. Marjón’s vision is to assist organisations and individuals to become better versions of themselves. She is Master OD consultant who advises organisations to redesign and realign themselves to the challenges of an ever-changing economic and social environment.

Marjón has extensive local and international experience in Lecturing, Coaching, Facilitation, Programme Design, Skills Gap Analyses and Assessments. She facilitates courses such as Management, Leadership, Human Resources Management, Confidence and Assertiveness, Conflict Management, Business Writing, Customer Service, Time management, Skills for PAs, Emotional Intelligence, Diversity Management, Strategic Thinking, Creative Problem Solving etc. Marjon lectures post-graduate programmes at the University of Pretoria and UNISA.

Marjón studied B Com Honours in Industrial Sociology  as well as B Com Honours in Communication. Marjón worked in HR and Training in the corporate environment before successfully starting out on her own as a training consultant. She gained extensive experience working on projects in the Human Resource Development field as a Facilitator, Training Manager and Training Consultant. She has management experience in the corporate environment which enables her to facilitate the building of leadership skills. She received accreditation in UAE as a Master Trainer in for an entrepreneurial skills programme (Skills21).

Marjon is an accomplished therapist with expertise in Narrative Therapy from the University of Pretoria. She specializes in counseling for Relationships, Depression, and Trauma. Marjon also lectures part-time at the University of Pretoria, focusing on Narrative Therapy and Relationship principles. She’s a published writer, co-authored a book on Human Resource Development, and contributes to radio, blogs, and online publications.

Her training courses span various sectors, and she’s associated with several professional associations. With extensive travel experience, Marjon’s workshops have a global perspective. She’s an executive coach, emphasising corporate coaching and personal growth. Recognised by the Skills Portal, Marjon is regarded as a top South African trainer. Contact: +27 82 883 2425 | |

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