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Lessons from the Springbok World Cup Victory

South Africa’s rugby Springbokke bring the cup home

As a South African I find it difficult to describe the feeling that I felt when the final whistle was blown on the game. Yet again the Springboks had won by the narrowest of margins, for the third week in succession. This time it was for the game that allowed them to be the world champions for the next four years. World champions for the next four years!

Once upon a time this wonderful game of rugby was a divisive sport, especially in South Africa. However, over the years it has evolved into a unifying sport, bringing together all South Africans. This has been achieved mainly by strong and decisive leadership. I stress strong and decisive leadership. Our director of rugby has made some incredible decisions in his time, these are well documented. Some controversial, however most have tested the boundaries. Not accepting of the way that we have always done things, he has surprised everyone with his decisions and unique approach.

This strong and decisive leadership carried over onto the field of play, yes we have a charismatic yet true and honest leader who is surrounded by a team of experienced players who lend their experience when needed. Our captain is humble enough to accept the input from these experienced players and doesn’t feel that his leadership is under threat or being undermined.

Adding to this incredible mix was a squad of players who each understood their role within the team. Some got very little game time yet were able to bask in the glory of being World Champions. Everyone understanding that the purpose of the team was far larger than that of the individual.

What stands out more than anything else is that this squad, managers, coaches and players all understood and were driven by a greater purpose. They were playing for their country. To the Springboks, I wish to thank you for commitment and focus in winning your fourth Rugby World Cup. To the rest of the world, we honour you as worthy opponents and supporters – thank you!

Leadership lessons to be learnt:

  • Leadership is involved
  • Leadership needs to be strong and decisive
  • Leadership tests the boundaries
  • Leadership doesn’t stick to the conventional
  • Leadership is essential
  • Leadership isn’t challenged by experienced players
  • Everyone needs to understand their role
  • The team is far larger than the individuals
  • Working towards a greater purpose leads to winning
  • Success breeds success

While we bask in the glorious win of our national sports heroes, it is important remember that each supporter is a leader too. Leadership is within all of us and can be developed. Allow yourself and your team to find your strenghts in order to build strong teams, organisations and individuals.

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