Review, readjust, reset, reboot yourself

Review, readjust, reset, reboot – ready?

Nothing will ever be the same, I hear so many people say.

It may be true to some extent, but I think that many things may settle back to more or less where they were – perhaps we just would have learnt to appreciate these more.  So, nothing will even be the same again, or closer to the expression – The more things change the more it stays the same?

So how have the past few weeks treated you?  Is it a break from a rushed life to working from home and spending quality time in your own space?

We’ve all been exposed

not necessarily to the virus, but we’ve all been exposed BY the virus

It exposes what normally lays far beneath the surface of our souls,

is exposing our addiction to comfort

Our obsession with control

Our compulsion to hoard… Our protection of self


Corona is peeling back our layers, Tearing down our walls

Revealing our illusions, Levelling our best-laid plans


Corona is exposing the gods we worship:

Our health, Our hurry, Our sense of security.

Our favourite lies, our secret lusts, Our misplaced trust.


We’ve all been exposed. Our junk laid bare.

Our fears made known. The band-aid torn.

The masquerade done.

Ways to reset yourself during this period 

I am used to juggling multiple responsibilities at work, at home and in other areas of my life.  During this time of reflection and calm, I am forced to do introspection and think whether many of the activities I kept myself so busy with, are actually meaningful?

Being busy is often masking fear and insecurities. I need to feel needed.

Resetting is therefore the process of shedding insignificance and adopting more meaningful and wise habits and thoughts.  Perhaps your life, career or relationships need a reboot to get rid of the viruses that infected caring, dedication and focus.   Reset is drastic without a return to bad habits.  It starts with a resolve to do things differently and then acting upon this.

Don’t let this become another empty promise to yourself.

Live slower…

I needed to learn to appreciate these slower days, live in the moment, immersing myself in the company of those closest to me, being comfortable with not knowing what will happen in the near future and just being comfortable with myself.  My reset button has therefore been activated!

Here are some tools you could try to reset your being:

  1. De-tech occasionally – Technology can be an amazing tool for both work and personal use, but we need to manage technology and not allow technology to control our lives.  The amount of fake news and unqualified statistics can feed uninformed pessimism which in turn could lead to panic and paralysis. This might prevent you from reaching for your reset button.
  2. Get it in writing – Make a list of everything that’s causing frustration or stress, from serious issues (health, finances, relationship challenges) to routine (needing new light bulbs at home).  Look at your, list and distinguish between which you have control over and those you don’t. Get cracking on those you do have control over. Learn to accept the things you cannot change currently.
  3. Just do it – live slowly for now, but don’t procrastinate. What in the world are you waiting for to do some of the things you complained you never had time for? What would you like you tick off your to-do list? At the top of my list is managing and editing my photos on my electronic devices.  I am getting there… and the wonderful memories and moments I have captured in photos makes this an enjoyable task.
  4. Get moving– One of the most effective ways to reset yourself is exercising. Yes, you on the couch – you too! I think best when I am running or hiking, it makes me feel connected and motion is the first step towards change. Although we have less space now, it is possible to keep fit. I have mapped out a running track around our house and frequently try to run a few kilometres. It brings a huge sense of accomplishment!
  5. Socialise– are you a pleasant person to be around with? Especially now?  You can start your reset by investing in relationships now.  You will need to be creative! Look up from your phone and face your housemates for a start.  I have a large family and we have weekly Team chats to catch up on each other’s quarantine adventures.  I love a voice note, it’s personal and says so much more than a text.  Our book club regularly share tears and tribulations and many great laughs. Many relationships will be stronger than before, as we talk and text about the meaningful and the mundane during Lockdown days.  Some relationships may have suffered greatly – don’t let it be yours.  People remember how we make them feel, that’s itBack to basics. 
  6. Reset more consciously – Breathe deeply. We have time to reflect, relax and just be…  To be honest, this was my greatest challenge as I am a busy bee …. Find a happy place for yourself – your favourite chair, your room or a quiet corner in the house or garden. Protect your me-time. 
  7. Try the “Rule of 10” – When you are feeling anxious; ask yourself whether this will matter in ten days’ time? Ten weeks? Ten months?  Then respond according to your answer. If yes – do something about it.  If no – let go.  It is what is – another lesson I had to learn.
  8. Now is the time to reset dreams too – Dream about your future – make some plans and come out of quarantine with new inspiring goals for yourself, your loved ones and your workplace. Write them down and start thinking about action steps.  I did this by exploring how I should use online platforms to reset my career to be ready for the 4th Industrial Revolution.
  9. Reset the way you think about you and your staff should work in future.  We know now that working from home and flextime is workable. This could do wonders for your bottom line and staff morale in future.  Over the past weeks I have completed several successful online training, coaching and therapy sessions. I also used this time to sign up for online training as I need to reboot my skills for the future too.  I am ready to engage in new ways of blended learning.

Perhaps it is true that many things will not be the same again.  Find your buttons you need to reset and get ready for action.

You are welcome to reach out to me to find out more about the possibilities of my virtual, online sessions to help you or your team to reset while being at home and having some time to invest in yourself. Book a session at


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  1. Dag Marjon,

    Met veel bewondering hebben wij je blog gelezen.
    Je slaat de spijker op z’n kop ( nederlands gezegde precies waar het in
    essentie overgaat.
    Je hebt ook echt het schrijvers talent van je vader.

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