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Emotional Intelligence

Achieving Emotional Competence

Success & Profitability

The concept of EQ (emotional quotient) deals with emotions and how they should be recognised as a driving force in business.

The basics of EQ are:

If we accept that everything important that happens to us arouses emotion, then contrary to conventional thinking, emotions are rarely intrusions into our lives, but intelligent, sensitive, beneficial and even wise. They inspire and enliven good judgement and reasoning, and lead to success and profitability.

Research has suggested that success in the practical world is largely dependent on one’s EQ than his/her IQ. Consider for instance that Albert Einstein, perhaps the world’s brilliant scientist, could only make it to vocational school because his marks were not sufficient to enable him to enter university. He worked as an apprentice clerk in the German patent office. Later he became the brilliant scientist – he formulated E=mc2!

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Delegating EQ

Utilising your organisation's inspiration to success

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